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Obama Campaigns Across The U.S. In Final Week Before Election

“Everyone knows how commendable it is for a prince to keep his word and live by integrity rather than by cunning. And yet our own era has shown that princes who have little regard for their word have achieved great things, being expert at beguiling men’s minds.” – Niccolo Machiavelli.1

“Come on baby… don’t fear the reaper
Baby take my hand… don’t fear the reaper
We’ll be able to fly… don’t fear the reaper
Baby I’m your man…” – Blue Oyster Cult.2

The end of Barack Hussein Obama’s time in power is on the near horizon, and all we have found out about him is that he is an accomplished liar. At a recent “counter-extremism” meeting in Washington, Obama made the following assertion: “We all know there is no one profile of a violent extremist or terrorist, so there’s no way to predict who will become radicalized.” This contradicted Obama’s earlier statement: “I think we all recognize that this [“violent extremists” committing acts of “senseless violence”] is a particular problem that has roots in Muslim communities.” 4

Apparently, there is a way to predict who will “become radicalized” after all. Not to worry though. According to Obama, only 0.1% of Muslims in America interpret Islamic doctrines in a way that leads them to support terrorism. The other 99.9% of Muslims are apparently “looking for the same thing” as all the non-Muslims living in America.

“I think that for us to be successful in fighting this scourge, it’s very important for us to align ourselves with the 99.9 percent of Muslims who are looking for the same thing we’re looking for — order, peace, prosperity.” – Barack Obama.5

Here are some inconvenient truths. A survey carried out by the Pew Research Center found that 47% of Muslims in America see themselves as Muslims first and Americans second; 32% of Muslims believe there is a natural conflict between being a devout Muslim and living in a modern society; 26% of Muslims believe that Muslims coming to America today should remain separate from American society, and 26% of Muslims under the age of 30 believe that suicide bombing can be justified if it is carried out in defense of Islam. These people are not looking for the same things non-Muslims are looking for in life.6

Obama has woven a web of incredible lies around the truth about what is happening in the world today. He initially denied that there was any connection between the Islamic State and Islamic doctrines, practices and history, so that the motives of the jihadists would remain as mysterious as Obama’s own past. However, the brutal reality of the Islamic State is now undeniable, so Obama has taken to the stage and lied again. Yes, “violent extremism” is a particular problem that has its roots in Islamic communities, he says. But only 0.1% of Muslims think that way, so there’s nothing to worry about, not really. As the Pew Research Center survey cited in this article demonstrates, Obama is having his very own ‘I did not have sex with that woman’ moment here. The creature is utterly shameless.

Let’s look at Obama’s lies from another angle: According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 0.6% of the population of America are Muslims. According to the US Census Bureau, the total population of America is currently 320 794 900. That means there are 1 924 769 Muslims living in America. According to Obama, 0.1% of Muslims in America are potential terrorists. If Obama was not lying to the American public, then only 1 924 Muslims living in America are potential terrorists who need to be placed under surveillance by Homeland Security.

What would be needed to maintain surveillance on those potential terrorists and to store all the data that was collected? A couple of offices and a few laptops with decent sized hard drives. And that’s it. All the data collected by carrying out surveillance on those individuals could be stored comfortably on that amount of hardware.

And yet the American government has spent 1.5 billion dollars of taxpayers’ money on a 1 million square foot date collection and storage center in Utah codenamed “Bumblehive”. If the state was only collecting and storing the electronic communications of a small minority of a minority group that in its entirety only accounts for 0.6% of the population, there would be no need for this facility to exist. Nor would there be any need to spend taxpayers’ money on a Cray XC30 supercomputer to process such a small amount of data.7 A few laptops really would suffice.

There is a massive disconnect between what Obama is saying and what his administration is doing. The motives of Islamic terrorists are not discussed openly and their crimes are labelled as “senseless violence” because that makes it easier to get the majority of Americans who do not believe that terrorism in the name of Islam can ever be justified to accept that everyone is a legitimate target of anti-terrorist surveillance.8 If no one is permitted to know where to look for terrorists, then the state can argue that they have to look everywhere in order to identify terrorists before they act. That will require an increase in state power and a decrease in individual liberty.

Anything and everything that happens in the world today is being used to advance the agenda of the radical forces in America, who want above all else to increase the power of the state over individual citizens. In the radicals’ world the state is a ravenous beast with an insatiable appetite for power, and they have given themselves over to the beast so they can feel its power as it rules through them.

We know that the radical forces in America have no interest in aligning themselves with the 74% of Muslims in America who say they do not support suicide bombing in the name of Islam, because they have already aligned themselves with the dark forces within Islam, and they are using Islamic principles to identify their domestic enemies. The historian M. Stanton Evans wrote in the Sharon Statement of 1960:

IN THIS TIME of moral and political crisis, it is the responsibility of the youth of America to affirm certain eternal truths.

WE, as young conservatives, believe:

THAT foremost among the transcendent values is the individual’s use of his God-given free will, whence derives his right to be free from the restrictions of arbitrary force;

THAT liberty is indivisible, and that political freedom cannot long exist without economic freedom;

THAT the purpose of government is to protect those freedoms through the preservation of internal order, the provision of national defense, and the administration of justice;

THAT when government ventures beyond these rightful functions, it accumulates power, which tends to diminish order and liberty …” 9 – M. Stanton Evans.

It is the function of the state to ensure order and stability within a society so that human beings can live their own lives according to their own lights. If the state moves beyond what Evans called its “rightful functions” and starts to operate on the principle that citizens must serve the state instead of the other way around, then our liberty is inevitably diminished. This is what has happened in America under Obama.

When Obama lies about the existence of dark forces within Islam and refuses to name our enemy, he allows the radicals in America to define “terrorism” in a way that serves their interests. The radicals want to identify citizens who have the guts to defend traditional American values, and they are using Islam as a targeting system. One of the reasons why the radicals have introduced a politico-religious system into America that is not compatible with American values is because they know that patriots will speak out against it. Once they know those individuals are, all the radicals have to do is say that those people are “intolerant” and that they are engaging in “terrorism”, and they can use the state’s anti-terrorism resources and legislation to destroy those individuals.

It is always a mistake to have faith in a magician. No matter what they say, no matter where they tell you to look, they are always practicing the art of deceit. Obama’s lies and fallacies are serving the radicals well, and together, they are moving forward with their efforts to destroy American life. The radicals claim that we need the government to protect us from “extremists” who want to engage in acts of “senseless violence”, but that is all part of the act.

The reality of the situation is that the motives of those members of the ummah who believe there is a fundamental conflict between being a Muslim and being an American citizen, who believe that all Muslims should live separately from non-Muslims, and who believe that suicide bombing can be justified if it is carried out in the name of Islam, can be exposed and defeated in every town in America. And Americans definitely don’t need to “align themselves” with the 74% of Muslims who say they don’t agree with suicide bombing in the name of Islam in order to do it.

It doesn’t take a Muslim to say that an Islamic doctrine is harmful, illegal and contrary to the traditional values of America. Any American can say that!

The radicals don’t want American citizens to remember they have that power, for two reasons: If everyone realizes that in order to stop the “violent extremists” who are hell-bent on committing acts of “senseless violence”, you only need to figure out who the likely culprits are and keep those specific people under surveillance, then there will no longer be any reason for the state to keep everyone under surveillance. That is a message the radicals definitely don’t want moderate, mainstream Americans to hear. Secondly, the radicals want individuals to think that they need agents of the state to protect them from “this particular problem that has its roots in Muslim communities”, but that is simply not true. The state needs to get out of the way and leave American patriots to defend American values, because free speech is the only weapon needed to defeat this particular enemy. In no time at all, the motives and beliefs of those members of the ummah who have dual loyalty would be soundly defeated in the marketplace of ideas. The truth of the matter is, Americans don’t need to be protected by the government, they have to protect themselves from the government. America has been infiltrated by radicals and subversives, and until they can be removed from power, the true enemy of all Americans is the most ruthless and dangerous terrorist of all – the state.


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